So you were shot and handed a business card! Your photo may or may not be here.

If I wasn't happy with it, I'd just delete it.  You can look for the event, such as car

shows or Renaissance Faire.


The low resolution images, which will load fast on your phone but not be print quality are yours

to take for your FaceBook Page or whatever social media you choose.  Maybe you just want

to email to your friends, who knows?   Those are free.


The high resolution photos...I would suggest you do them at home on  wifi, something without

data charges.


The high resolution photos will only be jpegs and will have a large copyright on them making them

useless except to see quality in eyes, etc.  Some images will be processed.  All can be changed.


It you are not adept with image files and need me to resize for normal prints, just tell me.  If it can be

done easily and quickly, there will be no additional charge.  I am selling files, not prints..

If you buy the file you can do what you choose with it, make as many sized prints as you wish using

whatever service you wish.  The only thing you cannot do is remove the small watermark that identifies

the copyright, so you cannot sell it as your own work.


The files you buy can be TIFF, DNG, PSD, JPEG (but that is lossy).  The file will also be large..  If the

file you want is too large to be mailed, I will send you a link directly to my own private server.

You might see a warning as I have not registered the server yet, but it is safe and my files are clean..


The file is only 25.00 regardless of the amount of work I put into it to make a portrait such as I have

here on the left.  That was taken in Walt Disney World, a street performer in broad daylight, surrounded

by people.  I am never sure what I am going to do until I get the image in front of me.  The only additional

charge would be if you wanted a lot of additional work done on the image.


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