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  •   Steve Tyrell - Bella Notte
  •   Jack Jezzro - Bella Notte
  •   Govi - Your Lingering Touch
  •   Jackie Gleason Orchestra - The Moonlight
  •   The Commodores - Easy
  •   Jimmy Buffett - Pencil Thin Moustache
  •   Etta James - At Last
  •   Kenny Rogers - Desperado
  •   Tina Turner featuring Angelique Kidjo - Easy As Life
  •   Elton John - Aida Orchestral Finale

Just a bit of music!


A tiny bit from some of my own personal favorites to share while I build the site.


Don't know whether the Jackie Gleason Orchestra album is available, but the rest of the artists surely are.  I will change these from time to time.  Maybe there is someone there you haven't heard before.


I'm not selling music...but you can hear more from these artists on playlists you create yourself using whatever service you use, iTunes, Amazon, whatever.


So why is this page here?  This is a photography site.


It's easy.  When I spend hours and hours editing, I have music playing and I have a lot of it.  But I've found that trying to send a song for someone to sample nowadays is a dangerous thing.  They might be on a mobile when they get it and have to pay data charges.


To me, Bella Notte (from Disney's Lady & The Tramp) is one of the most beautiful songs ever.  Not many know that it was written by Peggy Lee, as was the rest of the music from the animated classic.  I am a huge Disney fan.  So I'm sharing it here.  I routinely buy Disney films and soundtracks as they come out.  I'll share a track here and there for my guests to sample.


And, we all know  "Desperado" is an Eagles song.  As much as I loved the Eagles performing it, I liked Kenny Rogers' rendition of it even better.


Etta James is the best with "At Last" but I also love Barbra Streisand singing it, as well as Celine Dion and...Steve Tyrell.


Many of us know the music from the Broadway musical Aida, but not many people (that I've spoken with) have heard the original concept album which was written by Elton John  and the late Tim Rice and the tracks are by several artists.  I'm going to include two tracks from that album, two of my favorites, but I love the whole album.


I adore Ray Charles too...but I have to admit that Michael Bolton's rendition of Georgia On My Mind ranks right up there!


I love strings, so I will be switching out tunes on this player regularly.


If you like the songs, try jotting down the names and adding them to your personal playlists, wherever you may use them.